Can I Refinance Out of the HERO Program?


The HERO Program is a Property Assess to Clean Energy Program by the Federal Government to provide financing for different products to a home and businesses in approved communities around California. It offers to finance energy efficient, water efficient, and renewable energy products. It was developed originally in 2010 and is now available to nearly 100% of people living in California.

The HERO program allows 100% financing to purchase and install eligible energy-saving products to a home. One of the best things about this program is that it is built into your property taxes. The interest paid on your property taxes could offer additional tax benefits as well. If the property is sold before the loan is repaid, this will pass on to the new property owner. It's a great way to make energy efficient upgrades to your home.

The program requires homeowners to have at least 10% equity in their property with their current taxes and mortgage payments up to date. As long as you haven't filed for bankruptcy and the appliances products fall under the approval list, you should be eligible.

There are some drawbacks to this though as well.

Even though the HERO loan is a syllable to the next homeowner, many banks may not even lend on the property until that debt is settled prior to closing. These loans may not show up on your tax bill to come with a second tax bill so homeowners may find themselves paying more because we've missed a payment, something that definitely should be reevaluated with the program. As long as you are prepared and plan for it, this could be a positive program for your energy efficient needs.

Because this is considered a tax lien, it will take priority if you go into default and stop paying your mortgage. FHA prohibits FAnnie Mae and Freddie Mac from purchasing loans with this type of setup. 

Refinancing may not be an option in the future. 

There are good and bad things about this HERO program. On one hand, you get to improve your home with energy-efficient items but you may also have higher interest rates and your tax base may increase within a year requiring you to pay all the charges and possibly increasing your mortgage. 

If you're interested in the HERO program OR you want to refinance out of the program, call me! We help all types of homeowners, buyers, and loan borrowers with their specific needs. I'd love to discuss these options with you today.

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